Cubicles, Blood, and Magic

Book Cover for Cubicles, Blood, and Magic by Lynn KilmoreCubicles, Blood, and Magic: Dorelai Chronicles, Book One

Finalist, Science Fiction & Fantasy, NM-AZ Book Awards

Within her ordinary city lurks extraordinary magic.

Programmer Dorelai Trelton desperately wants to escape the relentless bad luck that hounds her. The software company she works for is on a death spiral to layoffs, her boyfriend stalks her, and now someone secretly dosed her with a magical poison called “nightmare dust.” Unfortunately, her poisoning makes it possible for her to see every hidden magical secret within her city. Secrets that others will hurt her for … even kill her for … if the nightmare dust fails to kill her first.

E-book: Available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Google Play, Kobo, iTunes, and other e-bookstores. Also available through services such as Scribd.

Trade Paperback Edition: Available for $16.99 through your favorite bookstores. ISBN-13 is 978-0692356654.

Library Edition: Available for order by your local library. ISBN-13 is 978-1512100570.