A Maze of Cubicles

Book cover for A Maze of Cubicles by Lynn KilmoreA Maze of Cubicles: A Dorelai Short Story
by Lynn Kilmore

Magic makes even the dullest office a deadly trap.

Dorelai Trelton receives a call for help from a former coworker, Stuart, about his missing boss. But what seems a routine investigation of a magical curse becomes an encounter with an office that Dorelai won’t soon forget. A new short story from the author of Parallels and novels such as Cubicles, Blood, and Magic and Soul Cages.

Includes an extended preview from the novel Cubicles, Blood, and Magic.

E-book: Available at iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, and other e-bookstores. Also available through services such as Scribd.