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Book cover Tales from the Threshold by Lynn KilmoreTales from the Threshold
by Lynn Kilmore

Come across the threshold . . .

From a slayer of the undead going on a first date with the girl of his dreams; to a middle-aged woman confronting four doppelgängers of herself; to a middle school geek coming to grips with the consequences of being able to hack into other minds; to three individuals encountering the weird in the Wild West—these and the other tales in this collection explore the threshold between endings and beginnings, reality and fantasy, despair and hope.

The tales in this collection include: A Maze of Cubicles; Green Grow the Rushes; Just One Date; King of All He Surveyed; Parallels; Shade Town; The Enchantment of Coyotes; and Writer’s Flight.

“… this is a voice that is unfortunately not often heard from.”—Albuquerque The Magazine on Parallels

E-book: Available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Google Play, and other e-bookstores. Also available through services such as Scribd.

Trade Paperback Edition: Available for $13.99 through your favorite bookstores. ISBN-13 is 978-0692457740.

Library Edition: Available for order by your local library. ISBN-13 is 978-1514260142.